Videoclip Ruta en bici por Rumania

Comenzando desde Cracovia (Polonia), la ruta atraviesa Eslovaquia, Hungria y Rumania. Los parajes son excepcionales, los Montes Tatras en Polonia-eslovaquia y los Carpatos en Rumania. Unos paisajes increibles que te hacen olvidar el esfuerzo realizado, como la escalada de 20 kms superando un desnivel de 400m a 2500m en la Transfagarasa (Rumania).

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  1. Rafał /

    Hi crazy man!

    Nice to see your videoclip from the trip on which we can meet! Remember two guys from Poland who you met after reaching the Transfogarasan?

    Take care and have a look on my blog.:)

    Rafał (the ultralighter) Buczek

    1. yiye / Post Author

      Hello!! Nice to hear from you! How are you!? Do you remember the cattle we saw from our camping site? You tried to take a photo at night. It is a small fortress! You had to climb 1500 steps to get there. I visited it (5 Lei) the following morning. The views are great from there! I was the only visitor. When I finish the page with photos and my short diary of my trip I will let you know.
      I like your site!

  2. Rafał /

    Yeeeeaaaa, we are fine, happy and still excited after trip.:) The castle’s photo after editing it in Lr is quite good.:)

    I would like to invite you to see our trailer:

    Take care Gilbert! Rafał

  3. yiye / Post Author

    I saw the tralier!! I liked it a lot!!

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